Looking for a Sedation Dentist?

Are you looking for a sedation dentist? Sedation numbs you to pain. In dentistry, different levels of sedation are used. There are three levels of sedation: local, moderate, and general. Firstly, local sedation, like lidocaine, numbs a limited area. Secondly, a gas mask delivers moderate sedation. You’ll feel loopy with limited awareness, but you’ll still be awake. Finally, general sedation, … Read More

Autism-Friendly Dentist in Texas

Believe Dental is an autism-friendly dentist in Texas. In San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, there are approximately one million individuals with a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Among these disabilities, autism is the most common. Autistic patients have a hard time going to the dentist. This is because they are more sensitive to things like light, sound, taste, and … Read More

Hospital Dentistry: A better alternative

Many people don’t know about hospital dentistry. But many dentists will refer special-needs patients to hospitals to receive dental care. This is because it’s too challenging for most dentists to treat special-needs patients.

Believe Dental: A Dentist for Obese Patients

General anesthesia is usually not an option for obese patients when they go to the dentist. But at Special Need Dental, we have dedicated anesthesiologists who can determine the best course of sedation for patients of any body type.

Special-Needs Dentist in Texas: We’re Here for You!

Special-needs patients often find it difficult to receive dental care. At Special Need Dental, we specialize in treating patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, like autism and Down’s Syndrome. But special needs is not restricted to just these. Whatever challenges you may be facing, Special Need Dental is your new dental home!