Can You Get General Anesthesia at the Dentist?

“Can I get general anesthesia at the dentist?”

People ask this question a lot.

Have you had a cavity removed?

You probably had a local anesthetic, like lidocaine.

You probably still felt a little pain, right?

Have you had a root canal?

Maybe you had a moderate anesthetic, like laughing gas.

Laughing gas is also called conscious sedation: The patient is still conscious and aware, but anxiety and pain are not as strong.

But maybe you don’t want to be awake at all during dental procedures.

Thus, you wonder, “Can I get general anesthesia?”

To answer this question, Believe Dental emphatically says, “Yes!”

With general anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious and can’t feel anything. It’s also known as “going under.”

Many dental offices don’t offer general anesthesia. For those that do, it’s usually given by a dentist, instead of an anesthesiologist, who may not have as much experience in giving general anesthesia.

At Believe Dental, you can get general anesthesia from board-certified anesthesiologists. We give general anesthesia as a gas, which is safer than IV sedation, and is easier to recover from.

Believe Dental’s top priority is the comfort of our patients. With general anesthesia, your experience at Believe Dental will be the best dental experience of your entire life.

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