Autism-Friendly Dentist in Texas

Believe Dental is an autism-friendly dentist in Texas.

In San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, there are approximately one million individuals with a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Among these disabilities, autism is the most common.

Autistic patients have a hard time going to the dentist. This is because they are more sensitive to things like light, sound, taste, and touch.

Finding an autism-friendly dentist is important. Individuals with special-needs, particularly autistic individuals, are more likely to have dental problems like cavities. These problems can lead to even worse problems, like root canals.

Patients with special needs like autism deserve a nice experience at the dentist. Therefore, they need a dentist with experience in caring for patients with special needs. Subsequently, this leads to a pleasant experience for the parents and caretakers, as well.

At Believe Dental, our dentists are experienced in treating patients with special needs like autism.

Working together with parents and caretakers, we’ll make sure your autistic loved one has an enjoyable dental experience.

Proper dental care is key to quality of life, as well as longevity. You don’t have to live with the pain caused by cavities, impacted teeth, or infected tooth pulp.

Finding an autism-friendly dentist in Texas is easy. Give us a call or fill out this form to schedule an appointment.