Hospital Dentistry: A better alternative

Many people don’t know about hospital dentistry. But many dentists will refer special-needs patients to hospitals to receive dental care.

This is because it’s too challenging for most dentists to treat special-needs patients.

Most dentists can’t handle special-needs patients. Thus, they recommend that special-needs patients go to the hospital.

There are many issues with hospital dentistry:

Insurance programs may not cover dental work done at a hospital. Or they have confusing rules about what procedures can be done.

Many hospitals don’t have dedicated dental programs. So the doctors performing these dental procedures aren’t necessarily dentists.

Hospital anesthesia is usually a mix of intravenous and gas sedation. IV sedation can be dangerous because it’s harder to wake up the patient if a medical emergency occurs while sedated.

Because of the method of sedation, recovery often requires the patient to spend at least one day in the hospital after surgery.

Special-needs patients are better off finding a special-needs dentist like Believe Dental.

At Believe Dental, our dedicated dentists are well-prepared to treat special-needs patients.

At Believe Dental, our anesthesiologist uses only gas to put you to sleep.

And because the anesthesia we use is gas, instead of IV, recovering from sedation is fast with no need to hospitalize the patient.

Dentists will often refer special-needs patients to hospitals to receive dental care.

When this happens, remember to call Believe Dental. We have offices in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. You can also fill out this form to schedule an appointment.