High Blood Pressure and Dental Care

High blood pressure is a condition affecting more than 116 million people in the United States.

Many people with high blood pressure are unaware of the risks involved with going to a regular dentist, especially if they also suffer from dental anxiety. They are at greater risk of adverse events, such as stroke or organ damage, by going to a regular dentist.

This is because anxiety and pain cause the blood to pump harder, exacerbating the risk of medical events.

So how can dental anxiety in people with high blood pressure be managed?

The answer is to find a dentist who specializes in treating patients with special needs.

Yes, indeed, high blood pressure qualifies as a special need in the realm of dentistry, as there are special accommodations that must be made in order to treat these patients.

And most dentists aren’t equipped to provide these accommodations.

Believe Dental is.

What accommodations do these patients need?

Believe Dental can perform a vitals check, including heart rate and blood pressure test, prior to the dental procedure to ensure the patient is in good condition to undergo treatment.

Some numbing agents and sedatives respond negatively to certain medications for high blood pressure. Believe Dental will have alternative numbing and sedative medications that will not interfere with a patient’s medication while still providing relief from anxiety and pain during the dental procedure.

In the event that anesthesia is required to perform the procedure, Believe Dental has licensed anesthesiologists on staff who will monitor your vitals while the dentist performs the procedure.

Dental procedures, especially the more unpleasant ones like root canals and implants, are unpleasant and can be dangerous for people with special needs.

But with an experience special-needs dentist like Believe Dental, you can receive the dental treatment you need in a safe, comfortable environment.

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