Pediatric Dentistry

At Special Need Dentistry, we recognize the importance of providing pediatric dentistry to those with special needs, and embrace a unique understanding of a child’s condition to provide effective care and treatments. Treating children with physical and mental conditions, injuries, or illnesses requires a certain level of kindness and compassion, something our staff practice everyday to not only accommodate their needs, but to earn their trust.

We’ve implemented an individualized approach to pediatric dentistry, to identify the state of your child’s oral health, and discuss options to address their needs. In addition to general pediatric and preventative care, such as exams cleanings, fillings, etc., we also focus on recommending ongoing practices and habits your child should implement to ensure the longevity of their care and ongoing oral health.

From longer appointment times to scheduling during less-busy hours, we do all we can to ensure your child is comfortable during their visit and you’re confident in the dental care they’re receiving! Call us today to discover the difference Special Need Dentistry can make and how we can uniquely accommodate your child and their individual needs!


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Nothing is more important to us than our patients’ comfort. We proudly provide a variety of specialized services, including general anesthesia, to ensure everyone has a positive experience regarding their oral health. Brighter smiles start with better care, and better care starts here—at Believe Dental.

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