Angina and Dental Care

Angina is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases in the United States.

Angina is when the heart does not receive enough bloodflow and thus not enough oxygen and results in pain in the upper body.

There are two types of angina: stable and unstable.

Stable is predictable: The pain occurs on a schedule, such as during exercise, but reliably decreases at rest.

Unstable is unpredictable: The pain occurs randomly, so you may feel fine during exercise, but have pain at rest.

More and more people are being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, and it’s important to understand its implications when it comes to dentistry.

Many patients experience angina pain during dental appointments, either because or a combination of the physical stress, as well as emotional distress. Some appointments, such as extractions, can be long and painful. Couple that with anxiety many people have when it comes to anxiety, it’s no wonder pain really strikes during these times.

In fact, angina pain is not uncommon during dental appointments. It’s important for the patient to understand which type he or she has in order to inform the dentist. Once the dentist knows which type the patient has, the proper precautions can be taken to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.

But not all dentists are experienced or equipped to handle the complexities of treating patients with cardiovascular disease.

Believe Dental is.

Treating patients with angina requires stress-reduction protocols during treatment. This protocol can include the use of sedating drugs, such as nitrous oxide or even general anesthesia in order to keep the patient from feeling anxiety and pain and thus increasing blood pressure. We have licensed anesthesiologists on staff who can monitor your vitals, ensure the sedation or anesthesia is well-tolerated by the patient, and can administer nitroglycerin to the patient in the event of an attack.

Many dentists aren’t experienced or equipped to treat cardiovascular disorders in patients. If you do and need dental care, contact Believe Dental. We have offices in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Give us a call or fill out this form.